Network Security Solutions

The cyber threat landscape is more advanced and rampant than ever due to continuing advances in technologies and techniques. We take a multi-layer approach when designing and implementing the security defenses for your network infrastructure. Gain peace of mind with our managed service agreement where you’ll receive comprehensive coverage knowing your network is fully protected on all fronts. Deploying the proper security measures to safeguard your network will not only protect your data but ultimately your business and reputation.

  • Enterprise-grade firewall appliances – we scale our security appliances to your organization’s size and needs to enhance security and guarantee proper network performance. With our synchronized security system, the security layers in the networks we design automatically coordinate defensive measures to ensure you receive the fastest responses in the event of a breach or attack.
  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus and Anti-Exploit– Your workstations will be protected even from zero-day threats including the latest ransomware attacks and malware.
  • Server Protection and Monitoring – We protect all critical applications and data at the core of your organization with server specific anti-virus.
  • Data Back-Ups and Disaster Recovery – Following the 3-2-1 back up strategy we safeguard your organization against data loss; storing at least 3 copies of the data, backing it up on two different storage types, and configuring an offsite backup.
  • User Training – The greatest risk in any security system are the end users, but under our managed services agreement we minimize those risks with proper training and education. We help establish best practice policies; also increase awareness to detect the latest phishing and social engineering attempts to further safeguard your network.
  • IT Security Auditing – Avoid costly non-compliance fees and penalties with PCI DSS and HIPAA through our managed service agreements which includes quarterly compliance assessments and maintenance. Gain clearer insight and increased visibility into your organization’s vulnerabilities through our Auditing Reports, Data Breach Liability Reports, Share Permission Report by User & Computer, and Security Consulting.