Business Phone Solutions

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a hosted digital phone service that is delivered over the internet. Our telecommunication platform delivers clearer call quality, reliable support, advanced voicemail features, and greater mobility to support remote workforce over traditional analog phone systems. The advanced transcription technology built into our VoIP platform records voice messages and send them via SMS and email to ensure you do not miss any
important business messages.

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Factors driving organizations to VoIP

• Reduced costs and equipment compared to other traditional business phones systems
• Enhanced mobility to support remote office options
• Customizable ring flows
• Improved communication productivity
• Greater flexibility providing on-the-fly scalability
• Responsive local service and support
• Enterprise level phone solutions with small business budget
• Future-proofed phone systems

Additional Premium Features

• Conference bridges
• Auto attendant
• Music on Hold
• Hosted E-Fax

As a full-service IT provider; PC Solutions will assess internet performance and collaborate with your
Internet Service Provider to ensure quality of service is consistently delivered in all our VoIP packages.

*Monthly rate plus local, state, and federal taxes. Term contract required. PC Solutions is a fully compliant telecom provider.

PCS General Terms of Service